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Service Pack 2.3


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The 727 Captain version 2.3 (FSX)

The 727 Captain (Base Pack, -200 and Freighter) version 2.3 for FSX is available and includes the following new features, fixes and enhancements:

New features:
    - ATC ID label in VC
    - Autopilot altitude/pitch Hold fix
    - Autopilot elevator master fix
    - Autopilot aileron master fix
    - Autopilot GS Auto Mode fix
    - Autopilot GS Man Mode fix
    - Autopilot GS capture fix
    - Autopilot pitch reference indication tooltip added
    - Approach progress display test fix
    - GPWS warning on landing fix
    - Center engine fuel feed fix
    - Fuel system tooltips and switches positioning fix
    - Fuel icing caution lights fix
    - EPR knob fix
    - EPR incorrect value fix
    - APU failure fix
    - APU sound fix
    - APU door annunciator panel lights fix
    - Emergency lights not armed test fix
    - Emergency lights warning and 'No smoking' light fix
    - Parking brake light test fix
    - Pressurization system fixes and enhancements
    - Pack trip and duct overheat lights fix
    - Stab trim Light fix
    - ADF 2 fix
    - DME 2 fix
    - 2D radio fix
    - Bleed air system fix
    - Cargo door lamps fixes
    - Altimeter fix
    - Vertical speed indicator fix
    - Cabin press altitude fix
    - Weather radar antenna and tilt knob fixes
    - Switches resetting after reload fix
    - RDMI fix
Models and textures:
    - Jetway position fix
    - South African Airways tail number fix
    - Pilots' windows inflight opening fix
    - Flap handle/flap setting mismatch fix
    - Cabin Pressure Control Mode Selector Knob added
    - 727-200 model pilots' windows animation fix
    - Updated Manuals Part I, II
    - Captain Sim menu fix
    - ACE fixes and improvements

Sould I download and install the 2.3?

Only if you have purchased the 727 Captain Base Pack, -200 or Freighter for FSX before 17:00 GMT, 25 Dec '09.

How to get the 2.3?

    1. Check-in to Your Profile.

    2. In Your Profile click: Product (727 Captain Base Pack, -200 or Freighter) > Extended Download Service and download the 2.3 product to any folder on your computer.

    Make sure you use Base Pack 2.3 if your original purchase was Base Pack.
    Make sure you use Base Pack 2.3 Upgrade if your original purchase was Base Pack Upgrade.

    3. Uninstall all of 727 Captain products from your computer.
    (Start> Programs> Captain Sim> 727 Captain> ).

    4. Install* the downloaded csp721_2300.exe (Base Pack) or csu722_2300.exe (-200) or csp723_2300.exe (Freighter) file(s).

    5. Restart your computer.
* - The 2.3 will overwrite previously installed freeware liveries and/or other modifications of the original product. Prior to uninstall the product please backup all data added to the original product.

Enjoy Your Flight!
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