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Captain Sim Boeing B-52H BUFF FSX VC Texture Mod
by kdfw
Date submitted: Jan 28, 2017
Description: VC texture set is for the B-52 by Captain Sim. Textures edited: 1) VC night lighting with red gauges and backlighting, gauge xml files edited to produce red gauges at night 2) light reflection effect under glare shield at night 3) engine gauge bezel widened 4) pilot texture for "usaf" livery cleaned up 5) gauge glass with purple tint to resemble anti-reflective coating 6) enhanced color saturation of gauge color bands 7) panel.cfg containts pop-up FSX GPS and radio panels (useful if tuning without tacan conversion sheet).
by CHristopher Hague
Date submitted: Apr 12, 2016
Description: Another Vietnam era rendition with TNT girl nose art.
Diamond Lil
by CHristopher Hague
Date submitted: Apr 10, 2016
Description: This is Diamond Lil, one of only 2 B-52s credited with air to air kills when it downed a Mig 21 over North Vietnam. It is currently on display at the US Air Force Academy. Enjoy.
B52 Driver 58-0185 -- El Lobo II
by Bruce Denner
Date submitted: Jan 02, 2011

NASA, Dryden Air Research Vehicle, B-52H
by David Sweetman
Date submitted: Dec 24, 2010

319th Bomb Wing, "Red River Raiders"
by David Sweetman
Date submitted: Nov 06, 2010

379th BW,
by David Sweetman
Date submitted: Sep 18, 2010

Boeing B-52 Buff Warhog Repaint
by James Littler
Date submitted: May 07, 2010

557146 Hurry Home
Date submitted: Apr 22, 2010

B-52D, 40th BW (Duxford Air Museum)
by David Sweetman
Date submitted: Apr 16, 2010

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