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The 757 Captain version 2.2 (FS9)

The 757 Captain (-200, -300, Freighter) upgraded version 2.2 for FS9 is available and includes the following new features, fixes and enhancements:

    - New: IRS inertial position set
    - New: Custom Terminal Procedures support (see Manual Part V)
    - New: Navdata AIRAC cycles support
    - New: ADI Rising Runway Symbol
    - RAT deployment fix
    - APU Fire Cutoff Light fix
    - APU Bottle Disch Light fix
    - Autopilot VNAV fix
    - Autopilot Unexpected banking fix
    - Overhead 2D\3D L-R Packs synchronization
    - CAUTION/WARNIG sounds fix
    - Taxi Light switch fix
    - Radar and EFIS panels night fix
    - No power no lights fix
    - Anti collision switch fix
    - Fuel Flow fix
    - 50 feet callout fix
    - APU intake animation fix
    - TAT fix
    - Fuel system recasted
    - Center of Gravity (CG%) settings fix
    - STAR reselection fix
    - ILS settings at runway reselection fix
    - VNAV calculation fix
    - ILS frequency autotuning fix
    - HSI runway drawing fix
    - HSI active route drawing fix
    - First SID's point '0 nm' distance fix
    - Cost index set CTD fix
    - Terminal procedures waypoint passing CTD fix
    - Terminal procedures selecting CTD fix
    - Setting altitude and speed restriction on a terminal procedures CTD fix
    - Custom flightplan loading CTD fix
    - Navigation database fix
    - FD (Course from fix to DME distance) fix
    - CD (Course to DME distance) fix
    - VD (Heading to DME distance) fix
    - VA (Heading to altitude) fix
    - FA (Course from fix to altitude) fix
    - CA (Course to altitude) fix
    - VI (Heading to intercept) fix
    - CI (Course to intercept) fix
    - HSI Path drawing fix
    - IAP support
    - HSI STEP RDMI fix
    - FS flightplan import fix
    - Autopilot fix
    - Auto Brakes Light fix
    - Flight loading and saving fix
    - Altitude Alert fix
    - Preview aircraft reloading fix
    - Parking Brake Light fix
    - Autopilot A/P disconnection fix
    - ADF switches synchronization
    - 2D Video light fix
    - Startup PACK CONTROL fix
    - VOR/OBS fix
    - Gen Drive Disc fix
    - VC IAS fix
    - GPWS lights/sounds fix
    - 2D Panels titles fix
    - Undock 2D panel fix
    - VC: HDG Sel animation fix
    - Airspeed indicator mach display fix
    - Wipers electrics fix
    - RDMI fix
    - TMCP mode fixes
    - GPWS callouts fix
    - EPR calculation fix
    - MCP Mach settings fix
    - Command airspeed bug fix
    - Altitude constrains fix
    - Missed approach fix
    - Flight Saving fix
    - HOLD fix
    - Custom flightplan import fix
    - Corrected Tooltips
    - Sound fixes
    - ACE fixes

Should I download and install the 2.2?

Only if you have purchased something from the 757 Captain for FS9 family before 17:00 UTC, 08 Sep '09.

How to get the 2.2?

Note: There is no separate upgrades 2.2 for the older Blocks A,B,C,E because they are included in the Pro Pack 2.2.
If you have Block B + Block F we'd recommend to exchange them for the Pro Pack free of charge. Check KB#1147 for details.

    1. Check-in to Your Profile.

    2. In Your Profile click: Product (757 Captain for FS9 family) > Extended Download Service and download the 2.2 products to any folder on your computer.

    3. Uninstall everything you have installed from the 757 Captain family (all blocks, -300, -Freighter, ACE, Sound) from your computer.
    (Start> Programs> Captain Sim> 757 Captain> ).

    4. Install* the downloaded files on your computer in the following order:
    - Pro Pack (csp752_2200.exe)
    - 757-300 (csa753_2200.exe) or 757 Freighter (csa754_2200.exe)

    6. Restart your computer.
* - The 2.2 will overwrite previously installed freeware liveries and/or other modifications of the original product. Prior to uninstall the product please backup all data added to the original product.

The 2.2 is our last release for FS9. For more information on the future of FS9 products please read KB#1004.

Enjoy Your Flight!
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