Service Pack 1.1
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The 707 Captain (707-300) version 1.1 is available and includes the following new features and enhancements:
    New Features:
    - 707-320B Exterior Model
    - Complete Passenger Cabin
    - Galley and Lavatories
    - Pre-saved Interior Views
    - ACE - Aircraft Configuration Editor
    - 12 liveries
    - Engine Fire control and effects
    - Failures Support
    - Autopilot 2D panel
    - Crew Messages Player
    - CIVA INS in VC (limitations apply)

    - Doppler Navigation System fixes and enhancements
    - NAV Warning System Light fix
    - A/P Disengaged Warning Light fix
    - C01 Altimeter fix
    - Essential Power Failure Warning Light test fix
    - R14 Electric Altimeter fix
    - Light controls sounds fix
    - Anti-Skid Control Panel Test Switch fix
    - Markers fix
    - Aircraft reload at A/P pitch hold ON fix
    - Duct Overheat Reset Button fix
    - Cabin Attendand Call Light fix
    - Crew Temperature Selector fix
    - Main Temperature Selector fix
    - HFD Roll Command Bar fix
    - RAT and SAT gauges fix
    - Flight Director improvements
    - Generators Frequency Control Knobs fix
    - Generators load fix
    - Auto-Spoilers removed
    - DME fix
    - NDB morse sound fix
    - REL Lights fix
    - Fuel Flow Pressure Lights fix
    - Oil Pressure Gage fix
    - RDMI ADF power fix
    - Stabilizer Trim Warning Light fix

    - Pilots windows exterior-interior models animation synchronized
    - Radar animation fix
    - Trim animations fix
    - Main wheels animation fix
    - Antennas removed
    - Gear doors animation fix
    - Improved textures

    - Updated Manuals
    - Improved Engine Smoke

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