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The 727 Captain version 2.2 (FSX)

The 727 Captain (Pro Pack, -200 and Freighter) version 2.2 for FSX is available and includes the following new features, fixes and enhancements:

New features:
    - Authentic Sound Set!
    - CS Weather Radar compatibility/synchronization with VC
    - Cargo Door light
Pro Pack Systems:
    - Flight Director Off fix
    - Flight Director Pitch Control fix
    - Flight Director Mode Indication fix
    - Approach Progress Display (APD) Minor fixes
    - Approach Progress Display Light Test fix
    - Fuel Dump Door fix
    - Fuel Icing Lights fix
    - Manual Engines Start fix
    - N1% and N2% mini-dials fix
    - Inflight Engines Start fix
    - Oil Quantity Test Switch fix
    - Gear Indicator lights test fix
    - Systems reset after using FSX menu fix
    - 'Warning' and 'No smoking' lights fix
    - Pressurization System fix
    - Cabin Pressure Control gauge fix
    - Airspeed bugs night lighting fix
    - LE FLAP in transit light fix
    - Stick shaker fix
    - HDG CARD off flag fix
    - Pedal Brakes Animation fix
    - GPWS Indication Light fix
Models and textures:
    - Texture fixes
    - Interior Model Geometry fixes
    - Lightmap fixes
    - Freighter Load Manager fixes
    - Updated Manual
    - ACE fixes

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