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The 727 Captain version 2.3 (FSX)

The 727 Captain (Base Pack, -200 and Freighter) version 2.3 for FSX is available and includes the following new features, fixes and enhancements:

New features:
    - ATC ID label in VC
    - Autopilot altitude/pitch Hold fix
    - Autopilot elevator master fix
    - Autopilot aileron master fix
    - Autopilot GS Auto Mode fix
    - Autopilot GS Man Mode fix
    - Autopilot GS capture fix
    - Autopilot pitch reference indication tooltip added
    - Approach progress display test fix
    - GPWS warning on landing fix
    - Center engine fuel feed fix
    - Fuel system tooltips and switches positioning fix
    - Fuel icing caution lights fix
    - EPR knob fix
    - EPR incorrect value fix
    - APU failure fix
    - APU sound fix
    - APU door annunciator panel lights fix
    - Emergency lights not armed test fix
    - Emergency lights warning and 'No smoking' light fix
    - Parking brake light test fix
    - Pressurization system fixes and enhancements
    - Pack trip and duct overheat lights fix
    - Stab trim Light fix
    - ADF 2 fix
    - DME 2 fix
    - 2D radio fix
    - Bleed air system fix
    - Cargo door lamps fixes
    - Altimeter fix
    - Vertical speed indicator fix
    - Cabin press altitude fix
    - Weather radar antenna and tilt knob fixes
    - Switches resetting after reload fix
    - RDMI fix
Models and textures:
    - Jetway position fix
    - South African Airways tail number fix
    - Pilots' windows inflight opening fix
    - Flap handle/flap setting mismatch fix
    - Cabin Pressure Control Mode Selector Knob added
    - 727-200 model pilots' windows animation fix
    - Updated Manuals Part I, II
    - Captain Sim menu fix
    - ACE fixes and improvements

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