Service Pack 4.3
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The 757 Captain version 4.3 (FSX)

The 757 Captain (-200, -300, Freighter) upgraded version 4.3 for FSX is available and includes the following new features, fixes and enhancements:

    - New feature: IRS inertial position set
    - Auto Brakes Light fix
    - Flight loading and saving fix
    - Altitude Alert fix
    - Pressurization sys manual mode fix
    - RAT deployment fix
    - Preview aircraft reloading fix
    - Set IRS inertial position fix
    - APU Fire Cutoff Light fix
    - APU Bottle Disch Light fix
    - Parking Brake Light fix
    - Antiskid Light Fix
    - VC Radio Displays ON/OFF after Cold&Dark Start fix
    - Autopilot VNAV fix
    - Autopilot Unexpected banking fix
    - Autopilot A/P disconnection fix
    - New feature: Custom Terminal Procedures support (see Manual Part V)
    - New feature: Navdata AIRAC cycles support

    - STAR reselection fix
    - ILS settings at runway reselection fix
    - N1, N2, N3, EPR settings fix
    - Altitude constrains fix
    - VNAV calculation fix
    - Missed approach fix
    - ILS frequency autotuning fix
    - HSI runway drawing fix
    - HSI active route drawing fix
    - First SID's point '0 nm' distance fix
    - Cost index set CTD fix
    - Terminal procedures waypoint passing CTD fix
    - Terminal procedures selecting CTD fix
    - Setting altitude and speed restriction on a terminal procedures CTD fix
    - Custom flightplan loading CTD fix
    - Navigation database fix
    - FD (Course from fix to DME distance) fix
    - CD (Course to DME distance) fix
    - VD (Heading to DME distance) fix
    - VA (Heading to altitude) fix
    - FA (Course from fix to altitude) fix
    - CA (Course to altitude) fix
    - VI (Heading to intercept) fix
    - CI (Course to intercept) fix
    - Exterior lights effects fix
    - Updated Manuals

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