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The 757 Captain version 4.4 (FSX)

The 757 Captain (Base Pack, -300, Freighter) upgraded version 4.4 for FSX is available and includes the following new features, fixes and enhancements:

New features:
    - Improved FPS
    - Integrated CS Weather Radar (€9.99 value)
    - Improved display's color with true CRT effect
    - Two pre-saved flights (Cold-n-Dark and Cleared for Takeoff)
    - Interactive ATC ID label in VC
    - 3D Wing Vortex Generators
    - Improved Cabin lights
    - Improved Landing lights
    - Roll/Rocking/Porpoising fix
    - Autobrakes system fix
    - Fuel system fixes
    - EICAS messages fix
    - EICAS EGT indication fix
    - EICAS brake temperature indication fix
    - FMC fuel calculation fixes
    - FMC progress page fix
    - FMC Cost Index fix
    - HSI:
      - Altitude range ark fix
      - To-From Pointer fix
      - Course deviation indicator fix

    - Electrical panel fixes
    - Speedbrake system fix
    - EFIS fonts fix
    - Air conditioning system fixes
    - Altimeter issue fix
    - APU fixes and enhancements
    - Standby Engine Ind fixes
    - EGT value fix
    - Freighter Lower deck load manager fix
    - Code optimization
    - Flight Model fixes
    - Updated Manuals Part I, II and IV
    - ACE fixes and improvements
    - Icons and animation panels fixes

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