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The 757 Captain version 4.6 (FSX)

The 757 Captain (Base Pack, -300, Freighter) version 4.6 is available and includes SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4, SP5 plus the following enhancements:
    - Improved pressurization system
    - ILS approach rolling fix
    - Real weather crosswind autoland fix
    - High altitude rocking fix
    - VECTOR legs drawing fix
    - Descend instead of climbing VNAV fix
    - INSUFFICIENT FUEL message fix
    - 2D panel TCAS test fix

    - VC night lighting improved

    - Older versions of route (.rt files) support
    - Improved flight saving and loading

Should I download and install the 4.6?

Only if you have purchased the 757 Captain (Base pack, 757 Freighter or 757-300) before 20:00 UTC, 02 Nov 2011.

How to get the 4.6?

1. Check-in to Your Profile.

2. In Your Profile click: Product (757 Captain family) > Extended Download Service and download the 4.6 files to any folder on your computer.

3. Make sure FSX is not running.

4. Uninstall everything from previous versions of the 757 Captain family.
(Start> Programs> Captain Sim> 757 Captain> )

5. Install* the 4.6 in the following order:
- Base Pack (csp751_4600.exe)
- 757-300 (csx753_4600.exe) or 757 Freighter (csx754_4600.exe)
* - The 4.6 will overwrite previously installed freeware liveries and/or other modifications of the original product. Prior to uninstall the product please backup all data added to the original product.

The 4.6 is the last free update of the 757 Captain.

Enjoy Your Flight!
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