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Service Pack 0.201

The 777 Captain (777-200) Service Pack 0.201 is available and includes the following new features and enhancements:
    - Update utility that will automatically inform you the next SP is availble as soon as you launch an outdated version of the 777 in FSX.
    - Yoke plate typos fix
    - Pilots' windows minor gap fix
    - Pilots' seat adjustment controls mirrored labels fix
    - Primary displays frames UV overlapping fix
    - WINDOW NOT CLOSED label on the F/Os window fix
    - Pilots' seats shade on the floor unwanted spec removed
    - A/T takeoff fix
    - ADIRU alighnment flight saving fix
    - Hydraulics (gears, controls) flight saving fix
    - Animation panel text fix
    - Co-Pilot's VHF-R Button co-ordinates adjusted
    - Improved MCP lights
    - Improved DSP lights
    - Improved windshild frames shape
    - Improved standby compass shape
    - MCP lights flickering fix
    - Flaps custom vortex added
    - Station morse ID set to off
    - ADIRU alignement with gate coordinates added
    - A/T disconnection throttle buttons activated
    - MCP AUTO-1000 selector fix
    - Improved autopilot LOC interception

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