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26 Mar'15: The 737 1.6 is out!

The 737 Captain free update to version 1.6 has been released. Prepar3D version available for purchase, FSX SE compatibility added, all 737 Captain family of products updated, and more..

30 Dec'14: The 777 1.6 is out!

The 777 Captain free update to version 1.6 has been released.

21 Nov '14: The 777 Wireless CDU is out

The 777 CDU is now on your Androidâ„¢ device.

9 Jul '14: The 1011 Freighter is out

The 1011 Freighter Expansion Model for FSX and Prepar3D has been released.

Details and screenshots

20 June '14: The 777 for P3D is out!

The 777 Captain for Prepar3D is now available for purchase.


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