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The L1011 is the perfect balance between in-depth systems and visual effects. In order to fly this aircraft correctly you WILL be required to read the manuals and supplementary information...
Is the L1011 for you? Well that depends, if you are a fan of classic aircraft and you enjoy taking a break from all the automation, then the L1011 is perfect for simmers of all types.
...The L1011 offers you in-depth systems simulation within its classic context. This being the case it offers users of all levels to enjoy following procedures without the hassle of figuring out complex computer generated displays. CS are master at creating classic aircraft and the L1011 Captain is perhaps the best L1011 we have ever seen to date!
– Marlon Carter, AVSIM

The '1011 Captain' and '1011-F' Freighter Expansion Models are great 'Pro Line' range offerings in the 'Nostalgy' series from Captain Sim. This review has involved over 20 hours of specific flight testing flying hours and it is evident Captain Sim have continued to live up to their reputation with the '1011 Captain'. Rich in detail and accuracy, it provides the flight simmer the experience of flying and managing a classic wide body jet of the 1970s. Whilst the lack of procedural checklists is disappointing, the '1011 Captain' and '1011-F' Freighter Expansion Model display an excellent balance of quality and detail at an exceptional price. If you are a fan of commercial airliners and, in particular, classic commercial airliners of the 1970s, you will thoroughly enjoy the Captain Sim '1011 Captain' and '1011-F' Freighter Expansion Model.
– Andrew Godden, Mutley's Hangar

I think that the L-1011 is their best. I want to fly it all the time. All my other addon aircraft are gathering dust and I couldn't care less, I'm having too much fun flying the 1011 Captain all the time.
– Markoz

I really love this airplane and its implementation here by CS. I've tried many of the long-haul heavy jets, and not really taken to any of them. The MD-11 came closest. But this is just the most comfortable jet to fly. It's a perfect mix of retro technology (that was cutting edge at the time) and functionality. I see why most of the pilots who flew these loved them. It's a pilot's airplane without imposing too much work on you when you don't want it. What it does, it does very well. Even auto-land, which I either don't use or don't trust in any other airplane.
– Dutch

I think I am going to have to park all my other aircraft in the desert in Arizona now. All I am flying is CS.
– Fly out of Utah

I do love the TriStar, and I do appreciate CS for giving us this magnificent add-on! Thanks!
– Benzinger

...is definitely the best thing I have ever bought from Captain Sim. This thing is a BEAST and feels like one in the air... I really couldn't find anything that I could fault...
– Steve

WOW! She flies like a real heavy beast... On approach she's a handful and you have to monitor your speed! Don't get caught out. I'm glad i got this bird and I am now a firm supporter- a true gem and a credit to the L-1011. I'm genuinely happy with the L-1011. The systems are great and no Control+E! This is CS's best add-on. An absolute marvel!
– captjames

it's a beauty, flies lovely, and every switch on the flight engineers panel, seems to do what it says it should... And one thing I was most impressed with, this Tristar has full autoland, woohoo! It's very nice and feels very solid too. I'm no expert but it does seem to have the flying tail which someone on here was asking about, and there does seem to be a Direct Lift system working during landing too.
– Dave Phillips

I think this is one of the best you have produced. It flies so well, and everything works flawlessly.
– afmoose76

I think that L1011 is a great product as well. The quality of the textures and details, and the flight model makes it a recommendable payware.
– Naibor

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