Service Pack 1.1
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Service Pack 1.1

The 1011 Captain Service Pack 1.1 is available and includes the following new features and enhancements:
    - Carousel IV-A Inertial Navigation System added
    - VC CIVA CDU functionality added
    - 2D CIVA panel added
    - SimIcons panel added
    - VC windshield glass reflections on/off option added to ACE
    - VC pilots' windows clipboards added
    - VC paper charts added
    - VC removable sunshields added
    - VC nosewheel Steering Wheel scale added
    - –°aptain's side main panel Instrument/Panel flood lights independent control fixed
    - FUEL USED counters reset after restarting a saved flight fixed
    - FSX default ATC adjustment of the COM radios fixed
    - Issue with nose gear during landing fixed
    - Visual effect for fuel dumping added
    - ADI speed deviation pointer fixed
    - Alternate gear extension Gear doors logics improved
    - Emergency gear extension handles animation fixed
    - HSI typo fixed
    - VC/exterior registration numbers discrepancy fixed
    - Altimeters and engine instruments drums animation fixed
    - NAV Source Select Switch state fixed
    - Altimeter's "below 10000ft" white flag added
    - EPR / N1 correlations improved
    - Needles, markers and reference lines backlight improved
    - Thrust reversers logics improved
    - Surface Position Indicator improved
    - VC textures improved
    - Fuel temperature logics improved
    - Wing tip vortex effect improved
    - Phantom engine sound removed
    - Manuals updated
    - Code optimized
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