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This Flight Training Course is an interactive copy of original Flight Training Course on the MiG-21 - KULP BS IA-68 (Combat Aircraft of Fighter Aviation Flight Training Course, 1968).

This graduation (fourth) year Course of the USSR AF Higher Fighter Pilot Schools (Chernigov, Kacha and Kharkov) was effective until 1971 then it was replaced by KULP BS IA-71.

The original course was designed for one flight season (from February to October) with 4-5 flying days a week schedule.

Course IV consists of 8 Modules (127 sorties) covering 62.7 flight hours, in a variety of disciplines, on the MiG-21.

Full printable version of the Course is included. (Acrobat Reader required)
The Course is an independent software and it works with ANY flight simulator. It is ideal for "Flanker Su-27", "Falcon 4", "F-18" and any other combat flightsim users who would like to know what the Soviet Air Force Fighter Pilot Training was all about.

Please note there is no direct interaction with FS2002 or ony other flightsim. The Course does not launch any missions or modules. But it explains what to do, how, when and how many times in order to complete real life MiG-21 pilot training course of the USSR's fighter pilot school. It also calculates your flight time and number of conducted sorties and keeps records and notes.

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