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- 777 Captain (777-200) Base Pack latest version must be installed on your computer.
- Setup procedures and security settings vary depending on your OS version and your device.

On your touchscreen device:

Please install 777 Wireless CDU for Android or 777 Wireless CDU for iPhone/iPad BEFORE you purchase '777 Connect' to make sure you are satisfied with general appearance of application at your device.

On your Windows computer:

You have to puchase and install 777 Connect to get access to Flight Simulator FMC data. Download, run the installer and follow installation instructions.


If you have installed Bonjour Print Services for Windows, your device will be connected to 777 Captain CDU automatically in your local Wi-Fi network.

- Bonjour Print Services have to be installed for usage with iPhone or iPad.
- Bonjour Print Services is optional for Android devices.

For Android devices only:
If you have no Bonjour Print Services or do not want to install it, on your Android devices you can do the following:

1) Make sure WiFi on your device is turned on and your computer is connected (wire or wireless) to your home router.

2) Run FSX or Prepar3D and 777 Captain.

3) Press MENU button and 5L button on your computer Flight Simulator CDU. You will see Wi-Fi info - IP address and port number:

Alternative method to get IP address and port - go to FSX or Prepar3D menu and click:
Add-ons -> 777 Connect -> show IP:Port

4) Run 777 Wireless CDU at your device, you will see the SERVICE PAGE:

5) Enter IP at your device

and press 5L button

6) Enter port at your device

and press 6L button

- To erase one symbol in the scratchpad - press CLR button.

- To erase IP address - press DELETE button and 5L button

- To erase Port number - press DELETE button and 6L button

7) 777 Wireless CDU will be connected to Flight Simulator.

Night view and Rotate screen 180° for Android devices

Use menu item to switch Day/Night view or rotate display:

Night view for iPhone and iPad

Go to settings and select day or night view:

Enjoy your flight!

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