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Service Pack 0.9

The 777 Captain (777-200) Service Pack 0.9 is available and includes SP 0.201, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8 plus the following new features and enhancements:
    - ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor) added
    - Aircraft systems initialization improved
    - FMC route waypoint calculation accuracy improved
    - FMC modified flight path execution and drawing improved
    - ND route turn curves added
    - ND route waypoint drawing improved
    - ND incorrect scale between waypoints in plan mode fixed
    - ND incorrect scale between waypoints in map mode fixed
    - ND route sequence drawing fixed
    - ND flyover point drawing added
    - ND discontinue legs drawing fixed
    - ND course scale freezing fixed
    - ND route waypoint Alt and ETA drawing added and connected to the efis DATA switch
    - ND navaids drawing added and connected to the efis STA switch
    - ND offroute waypoint drawing added and connected to the efis WPT switch
    - ND airports within the map area drawing added and connected to the efis ARPT switch
    - ND origin and destination runway drawing added
    - ND position trend vector added
    - ND active waypoint data drawing added
    - ND speed data drawing added
    - ND wind data drawing added
    - EFIS improved
    - HDG-REF switch fixed
    - VNAV improved
    - HYD system improved
    - Systems reset if using FSX menu fixed
    - Main displays brightness reset if aircraft reloaded fixed
    - Engine types labels added to FSX preview
    - Alternate Gear Switch fixed
    - ACE added
    - Exterior model lights fixed
    - Gear extension correct speed limit of 270 knots set
    - "American" call signs corrected
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