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Service Pack 2.6

The 727 Captain (727-100 Base Pack, 727-200 Expansion model, 727 Freighter Expansion model) Service Pack 2.6 is available and includes 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 plus the following new features and enhancements:

    New features:
    - 727-100 Base Pack for Prepar3D released
    - Free upgrade to Prepar3D for 727-200 and Freighter Expansion Models available
    - FSX Steam Edition compatibility added
    - Carousel IV-A Inertial Navigation System (CIVA) added
    - V-One - Datacard for Takeoff/Landing with Call-Outs added
    - EPR Hold function added
    - DME display's functions added (VOR1, VOR2, TAT)
    - Winglets on/off animation feature added

    - Mouse wheel rotation bug for all knobs fixed
    - Flight model fixed and improved
    - Aircraft holding the ILS and/or GS improved
    - Engine EPR calculation fixed and improved
    - Fuel system bugs fixed
    - Fuel dump system bugs fixed
    - Fuel flow improved
    - Pressurization system bugs fixed
    - GPWS Switch Fixed
    - Sudden loss of electric fixed
    - Elevator trim sensitivity fixed
    - Autopilot hotkeys added
    - Autopilot bugs fixed
    - Autopilot pitch hold for FSX SP2 version fixed
    - Wiskey compass indication fixed
    - ADI indication corrected
    - MDA light fixed
    - Decision height system fixed
    - Radio altitude fixed
    - NAV/GPS Switch added (marker switch replaced)
    - Airspeed Cursor Control added
    - Altimeter indication fixed and improved
    - CIVA alignment and Active Sky Next compatibility fixed
    - HDG bug fixed
    - Flaps gauge fixed

    - Flight load/save fixed
    - Engine smoke fixed
    - Tooltips fixed and improved
    - Icons panel improved
    - 2D night drawing improved
    - Minor memory leaks fixed
    - FSX frame rate improved
    - Manuals updated
    - Product activation on some systems fixed

Special thanks to Mark Fletcher and Paul Tally.

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