Service Pack 0.5
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The 737 Captain (737-200) version 0.5 is available and includes the following new features and enhancements:
    - Authentic sound set (JT8D engines)
    - No Smoking switch animation and sound fix
    - Fasten Seatbelts switch animation and sound fix
    - Taxi and Runway Turnoff lights visibility on the ground fix
    - Parking brake light fix
    - Stab trim light fix
    - Parking brake light and stab trim light tooltips fix
    - Windshield heat lights and switches fix
    - Anti-collision light switch fix
    - Navigation light switch three positions fix
    - Emergency light switch cover fix
    - The Pitot-Static switches labels fix
    - Yaw Damper light fix
    - APU bleed air to packs fix
    - APPROACH PROGRESS DISPLAY green lights fix
    - Config errors warning horn fix
    - Glaresheild warning annunciator lights fix
    - APU switch fix
    - Right engine generator switch with APU ON fix
    - Auto brake switch RTO position fix
    - One click hide/show the yoke column feature
    - Wipers and wipers switch switch fix
    - High nose up pitch on approach fix
    - Equipment sounds when generator connected fix
    - The Go Around buttons intersection with the Fuel Cutoff Levers fix
    - Go Around buttons the yoke backs fix
    - Minor gaps fix
    - Fuel Cutoff switches labels fix
    - 'Vertical Gyro' typo fix
    - COWL VALVE OPEN typo fix
    - HSI scale fix
    - Minor textures fixes
    - Leading Edge Annunciator panel fix
    - The outboard landing lights position fix
    - Fuel Cutoff switches fix
    - Left side Rain Repellent button fix
    - Wing Anti Ice switch fix
    - Engine Anti Ice lights fix
    - RMI scales fix
    - Improved VC lightmaps
    - Minor exterior lightmap fixes
    - Weights and fuel tanks fix
    - Total fuel indicator LBS to KGS fix
    - A/P controls animations fix
    - Pitch control fix
    - ILS Glide Slope capture fix
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