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Service Pack 1.0

The 777 Captain (777-200) Service Pack 1.0 is available and includes SP 0.201, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9 plus the following new features and enhancements:
    - FMC T/D calculation added
    - FMC performance information exchange added
    - FMC tailwind/headwind component calculation fixed
    - FMC THRUST LIM page added
    - FMC ADF R fixed
    - FMC takeoff weight calculation improved
    - FMC takeoff trim/flaps calculation improved
    - FMC takeoff speeds calculation improved
    - FMC keyboard support added
    - FMC VREF speeds corrected
    - Autopilot turbulence performance improved
    - Default autopilot interference removed
    - MCP modes indication added to PFD
    - MCP FPA mode fixed
    - MCP default FSX keys support added
    - VC and 2D MCP synchronyzed
    - VC MCP usability improved
    - ND GS, TAS, wind, VORs drawing improved
    - ND 'runway' fixed
    - ND glideslope indicator fixed
    - ND wind direction arrow fixed
    - ND mag\true fixed
    - ND HDG degrees in APP and VOR mode fixed
    - ND MAP mode TRK vs HDG error fixed
    - PFD completed
    - ECL tied into systems
    - TO/GA mode added
    - TO/GA power selection by pressing Ctrl+Shift+G added
    - EFIS altimeters and DH/MDA buttons fixed
    - EFIS CTD at WPT selection fixed
    - VC windshield and pilots' windows improved
    - Landing gear contact points animation improved
    - Main landing gear straight when it goes inside the wheel well
    - Primaly and CDU displays pop-outs by clicking on them in the VC added
    - Primaly and CDU displays brightness control by clicking on them added
    - DSP panel improved
    - System display flaps indication added
    - System display gears indication added
    - Increased passenger capacity (301 passengers)
    - Product autoupdate checkbox added to ACE
    - 2D com radio improved
    - VC com radio improved
    - GPWS callouts added
    - Rudder trim display fixed
    - APU running at zero fuel fixed
    - APU power loss fixed
    - APU data added to STAT DISPL
    - RAT fixed
    - Pilots' windows sound added
    - Primary displays, MCP, DSP working with no power fixed
    - STAT DISPL hydraulic pressure fixed
    - Flight controls page 2 inner spoilers indication fixed
    - Barometric selector knob fixed
    - Inner spoilers inflight deployment fixed
    - Reinforced landing gears installed on the -200LR
    - Wheel markings added
    - External power improved
    - Secondary external power added
    - Panel light switch connected
    - Runway turnoff lights switch connected
    - Strobe lights switch connected
    - Manuals Part I and II updated.
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