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Weapon for FSX

Easy installation on any FSX aircraft/rotorcraft.

Key features:
    • Free flight, no missions required
    • Lethal to the air, ground and sea traffic
    • DirectX 9/10 compatible

    Weapon control panel
    • 2D panel provides compatibility any FSX aircraft/rotorcraft.
    • Suppors keyboard assignments

    • Air-to-Sir and Air-to-Surface modes
    • Search mode
    • LCOS mode
    • Target tracking mode
    • Up to 200km range

    • Navigation steering mode
    • TACAN steering mode
    • ILS Steering mode
    • Search mode
    • LCOS mode
    • IR seeker mode
    • IR tracking mode
    • Radar tracking mode
    • 2D and VC versions
    • VC collimation *
    • VC auto-calibration
    • Supports full range of FSX zoom (from 0.30 to unlimited)
    • Clear GDI graphics

    Weapon selection *
    • M60C gun
    • GSH-30 cannon
    • M61 Vulcan cannon
    • Hydra 70 rockets
    • Zuni 127 rockets
    • AIM-7E Sparrow III
    • AIM-9 Sidewinder
    • R-73M2
    • R-60
    • AIM-132 ASRAAM
    • AGM-88 HARM
    • Kh-29
    • ALARM
    • AS.34 Kormoran
    • Plus 26 free expansions/mods
    • Expandable to unlimited

    Target damage model *
    Realistic physics of gradual partial to total damage.

    Realistic Weapon physics engine *
    Each shot is driven by realistic weapon physics engine.

    Weapon simobjects
    Each shot has its own realistic but optimized visual model

    Sounds *
    Weapon and target fire, launch, hit, splash and explosion sounds.

    Visual effects *
    Weapon and target fire, wake, smoke, launch, hit, splash, explosion and damage effects.

    Weapon loader
    Provides one-click installation to any FSX aircraft/rotorcraft.

    Armed versions of F/A-18 or LX-45 aircraft
    Adds one armed aircraft depending on you simulator version (Acceleration or SP2)

    Military sceneries and aircraft set *
    Nineteen military AI aircraft types provides military operations over ten areas of the world. Expandable.

    Keyboard/joystick support *
    System totally supported by editable keyboard assignments.

    Unparalleled configuration and modification flexibility
    • Unlimited number of weapon types can be added, edited or removed.
    • Unlimited number of weapon subtypes can be added, edited or removed.
    • Unlimited number of weapon types fire modes (single, dual, custom, auto, unlimited ect) can be added, edited or removed.
    • Unlimited number of weapon stores can be added, edited or removed.
    • Unlimited number of weapon simobjects can be added, edited or removed.
    • All weapon settings are editable.
    • All sound settings are editable.
    • All visual effects settings are editable.
    • All control keys can be reassigned.
    See SDK for details.

    • Weapon customization for advanced users.
    • Weapon integration into third-party projects.

    * indicates user-customizable feature

For details please see User's Manual

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