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Military sceneries

Military traffic sceneries add AI military aircraft operations on the following ten areas of the world:

1. Iraq (90-00-s)
2. Yugoslavia (90-s)
3. Afganistan (80-s)
4. Germany (80-s)
5. Western Europe (80-s)
6. Eastern Europe, USSR (70-s)
7. Middle East (60-70-s)
8. Vietnam (60-s, Vietnam war)
9. Korea (50-s, Korean war)
10. Far East (40-s, WWII, 'Ramp Tramp')

The following nineteen military AI aircraft models included:
MiG-21, MiG-25, An-12, Tu-95, Tu-16, Mi-6, IL-76, IL-28, MiG-17, F-16, F-4, B-52, B-2, C-130, Mirage III, B-29, U-2, F-14, F-86.

This traffic schedule will help you to see specific aircraft at specific time and place.

See User's Manual for details.

Comes with a training flight with F-4 at 12 o'clock.

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