Service Pack 0.6
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The 737 Captain (737-200) version 0.6 is available and includes SP 0.5 plus the following new features and enhancements:
    - Autopilot 2D panel added
    - Eye Locator added
    - Ground Call sound added
    - Attendant Call sound added
    - Two pilots' caps added
    - Standby compass unit animation added
    - Map lights added
    - Landing lights retraction-extansion added
    - Backwall lights added
    - HDG in MAN mode fix
    - First officer's viewpoint fix
    - Updated flights
    - Logo lights removed
    - Wing lights added
    - Bus Transfer Switch fix
    - RAM DOOR FULL OPEN and OUTFLOW CLOSED lights color fix
    - F OUTFLOW CLOSED typo fix
    - Cabin Pressurization Panel MANUAL light color fix
    - Aural warning at Cabin Altitude >10.000 added
    - APU LOW OIL QUANTITY light color fix
    - APU shutdown at Main Battery OFF fix
    - Air bleed pressure difference with one and two packs ON
    - Speed brake lever animation fix
    - Spoiler ARM lights fix
    - Trim wheel animation speed fix
    - LE Flap EXT light color fix
    - LE Flap EXT light fix
    - LE FLAPS TRANSIT light fix
    - Flaps extension-retraction speed fix
    - Flaps-slats sections interconnection fix
    - Red landing gear lights color fix
    - FLT CONTROL Indicator lights LOW PRESSURE typo fix
    - Stab Trim MAN ELEC Cutout Switch fix
    - Parking Brake light color fix
    - GRD POWER AVAILABLE light color fix
    - Stab Trim light color fix
    - RMI graphics overlapping fix
    - TCAS graphics overlapping fix
    - Windshield handles animation added
    - Second autopilot button removed from the yoke
    - Trim wheel sound fix
    - Original pilots's mic added
    - Pedestal gap fix
    - Altimeter scale distortion fix
    - Pilots' windows animation in interior/exterior models synchronization
    - Pilots' windows sound fix
    - Fuel Pump switches sound fix
    - Fuel heater Valve open and Crossfeed valve Open lights go bright blue in transit then dim blue in full open position
    - Window Heat ON lights color fix
    - Wing Anti-Ice Valve Open lights (1 & 2) color fix
    - Valve Open lights (4, 5, 7 & 8) color fix
    - Window Heat Panel OVHT test fix
    - Window Heat Panel PWR test fix
    - Cockpit Voice Recorder TEST fix
    - Stick shaker fix
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