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The 737 Captain (737-200) version 0.8 is available and includes SP 0.5, SP 0.6, SP 0.7 plus the following new features and enhancements:
    - Functional PDCS added
    - Wx radar test pattern size fix
    - Pushback tug collision fix
    - ADI LOC indicator fix
    - ADI turn indicator fix
    - GPWS "don't sink" aural warning fix
    - Heading bug slow motion fix
    - CRS bugs slow motion fix
    - Autopilot HDG mode disconnected from ALT HOLD switch
    - Autopilot Pitch Engage Switch OFF > Heading Switch OFF connection fix
    - Autopilot CWS ROLL improved
    - Autopilot FSX flight plan support added
    - Flight Director in ALT HOLD the "yellow bird" position fix
    - HSI TO/FROM indicator added
    - CDI VOR outbound radial tracking fix
    - Yoke mounted trim switches synchronized
    - RAM DOOR FULL OPEN light fix
    - DUAL BLEED light with APU off fix
    - Stab Trim Autopilot Cutout switch animation fix
    - Captains control wheel clip board sound fix
    - Improved textures
    - Updated Manuals
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