Service Pack 0.9
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The 737 Captain (737-200) version 0.9 is available and includes SP 0.5, SP 0.6, SP 0.7, SP 0.8 plus the following new features and enhancements:
    - Complete passenger cabin including galley and lavatories added
    - VC wing views added
    - VC selection added to ACE
    - Control wheel clipboard checklist movable slider added
    - RA DH bug lighting fix
    - Airspeed indicator bug lighting fix
    - Ground spoilers logic added
    - GPWS "don't sink" aural warning fix
    - Heading Select default key assignment support added
    - External lighting logics updated
    - Ground Power connection the "GRD POWER AVAILABLE" light regardless of Main Battery switch fix
    - Ground Power connection with Main battery switch in OFF fix
    - Cabin Pressurization Outflow valve switch spring loading added
    - Cabin Pressurization MANUAL AC or DC mode FLT/GRD switch by-pass option added
    - APU startup sound looping fix
    - Improved touchdown effects
    - Exit coordinates corrected
    - Captain's and F/O's windows separated in the exterior model
    - Wing anti-ice ground test position fix
    - Stall Warning Test sound added
    - Mach/Airspeed Test sound added
    - Altitude alert aural warning added
    - Yaw Dumper warning light on ground fix
    - Improved textures
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