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The 737 Captain (737-200) version 1.0 is available and includes SP 0.5, SP 0.6, SP 0.7, SP 0.8, SP 0.9 plus the following new features and enhancements:
    - SELCAL test lights and tone added
    - Control wheels backs added
    - Regnumber plates flickering fix
    - 2 MASTER AVIONICS switches added
    - Angle-of-attack sensors animation added
    - Wing hook retainers added
    - Wing vortices added
    - Upside-down portside blinds fix
    - ACE "flightdeck only" selector fix
    - Exterior-interior models position fix
    - Total fuel indicator LBS to KGS fix
    - ADF labels added
    - Airspeed indicator reference bug added
    - Autopilot disengagement sound fix
    - Left-Right Runway Turnoff Light Switches reversed fix
    - PDCS and FD power fix
    - Some sounds volume increased
    - FD "yellow bird" shape improved
    - RA pointer cover fix
    - Altitude alert selector backlight fix
    - NAV and COMM panels displays improved
    - Simicons panel ATC and Radio stack icons reversed fix
    - ADI minor bank fix
    - Weather radar manual tilt selector dial is defaulted at 0 degrees pos
    - EPR and ALT speed-dialing added
    - Left side N1 and EGT indicators fix
    - Right Engines EGT Gauge texture distortion fix
    - F/O window black blocking poly fix
    - Exit coordinates corrected
    - Exterior model galley and septum added
    - Engine anti-ice switches fix
    - Wing de-ice switch fix
    - OVHT/INOP-FIRE Test a centre-off spring loaded switch fix
    - Fire handle animation fix
    - PULL UP warning light color fix
    - 2D panels lighting added
    - Spoilers inflight logic added
    - Flight model improved (more power, better spoilers)
    - Doors sounds added
    - Improved textures
    - Manual Parts I-II updated
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