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Service Pack 1.6

The 737 Captain (737-200, 737-100, 737-200ADV and 737-200C/F) Service Pack 1.6 is available and includes SP 0.5, SP 0.6, SP 0.7, SP 0.8, SP 0.9, SP 1.0 plus the following new features and enhancements:

    - Prepar3D version released
    - FSX Steam Edition installer option added
    - Gauges needles movements smoothness improved
    - Electrical Altimeter flags fixed
    - PDCS causing crash to desktop fixed
    - PDCS VREF Page fixed
    - Other PDCS fixes and enhancements
    - Missing Right Approach Progress Display Lamps added
    - LampTest for Approach Progress Display and Instrument Comparator Lights added
    - Inoperative A/P disengage button on the yoke fixed
    - Jetways contact points fixed
    - Exits wrong points fixed
    - Light effects positions corrected
    - Fuel quantity indicator LBS readout fixed
    - Warning system takeoff configuration fixed
    - ADF Test Switch fixed
    - Attendant/Ground call push-buttons fixed
    - VC/2D audio panels synchronized
    - AC selector test mode fixed
    - Fuel temperature fast decrease issue fixed
    - Vref flap selector issues fixed
    - Master Caution system and associated lamps functionality fixed
    - Master Caution Recall fixed
    - System annunciator warnings added
    - Flight saving improved
    - Yaw damper/Yaw damper light fixed
    - APU generator not controlling HSI bug fixed
    - Dim/Bright stage of Blue Valve Lights fixed
    - Ignition Switch fixed
    - Clock UTC indication added
    - Pitot Heat system fixed
    - Ground power loss fixed
    - Battery power loss fixed
    - Exterior Model animations issues in different weather fixed
    - Autobrakes disarm after landing fixed
    - Systems issues after unpausing Flight Simulator fixed
    - HDG markers readability and appearance improved
    - Power on Test and Overheat Test bugs fixed
    - AP slow interception of a commanded heading fixed
    - Pressurization system fixes and enhancements
    - Fire Bells Test sound added
    - Flight Model improved
    - Engine thrust improved
    - NAV and COM fonts size increased
    - Other minor sound fixes
    - Tooltips minor fixes
    - Code optimized

Special thanks to Mark Fletcher.

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